Best way to push footer to end of the page


One of the most common problems on web development is the footer placed at the center of the page when there is no content / less content to occupy the full height of the viewport. Similar to the example below Footer not sticking to bottom There are multiple ways to push it to the bottom of the page. Some people do it using CSS, some prefer using JS to calculate the height of the viewport to...

Building design system with styled-components and styled-system III


This is part 3 of this series Styled Component and Styled System. If you haven’t read Part 1 & Part 2 please go through them first. It is prerequisite before starting this part. In previous part we used the help of style system to create complex components with greater flexibility and power. Now we are going to enhance that further by adding few tools to our arsenal. The first thing we...

Building design system with styled-components and styled-system I


This is a multi-part series of articles where I am going to show you how we can leverage the power of styled-components and styled-system to create reusable, efficient components. We are in components age of Frontend. We can relate a component to lego. Similar to legos we can have small reusable components that can be attached to build bigger components which can be further combined with other...

Understanding this.setState()


It might be unusual for new react developers or some experienced developers to see this explained. When we start learning react and start exploring how powerful it is. We consider this.setState as a very simple thing to understand and we don’t look deep into it. Most of us fell into that trap, resulting in unpredictable component state. Here are some of the common pitfalls that causes this. this...

React: Higher Order Components


Learn by practical example If you are learning react or already know the basics of react, you must have come across a term called Higher Order Component (HOC). It is one of the most interesting and powerful ways to build a component. Although the concept is very common, most of the examples are ambiguous and don’t provide enough insights on how to practically use it on a project. So, today I am...

How I started learning React-native as a web developer


Being a web developer, I also wanted to get my hands on app development. The best solution for a web developer to create mobile applications was diving into the world of hybrid apps, which I believe were pretty cool. Creating app in my favourite & familiar technology stack was exciting which didn’t last long. We all know the obvious reasons. Then came the idea of React-native. Creating a...

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