Setup your terminal like a pro with iterm and zsh


Programing requires you to frequently use the terminal to perform many actions. The default terminal is just plain ordinary and doesn’t help you at all with limited information and blant design. Zsh also known as Z Shell is a shell built on top of the default shell for macOS(bash). Zsh has huge number of features and when combined with iterm it becomes a beast for programming and...

Svelte app tutorial: Chuck Norris Jokes


For those who don’t know what svelte is, it’s a component framework similar to React or Vue. It’s faster, reactive and has less boilerplate. Svelte runs at build time, converting your components into highly efficient imperative code that surgically updates the DOM. As a result, you’re able to write ambitious applications with excellent performance characteristics...

Best way to push footer to end of the page


One of the most common problems on web development is the footer placed at the center of the page when there is no content / less content to occupy the full height of the viewport. Similar to the example below Footer not sticking to bottom There are multiple ways to push it to the bottom of the page. Some people do it using CSS, some prefer using JS to calculate the height of the viewport to...

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